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What is the time period to return an item?

From the date of receipt, the items are to be returned within 7 days. Along with the product description, the return date is being mentioned.

How will I proceed with the return process and what things will follow?

The request for return is being closely monitored by If needed; the request can be shared with the concerned merchant for approval.

After receiving the approval, we arrange our courier partner to pick up the product from the respected location.

We may ask you to dispatch the product if our reverse pick up service is not available with respect to your address. In such case, the charges for the courier will be reimbursed by us.

Your claim will be verified only after receiving the product. Refund or replacement can only be initiated after that. However, replacement can be made based upon the availability of the stock.

How the products can be packed for pick up?

You have to keep in mind that the product or products to be replaced should not be tampered, altered or used; and should have the original packing slip and the price tag.

Don’t forget to mention your order number on the box. If the order is being approved for pick up, we will mail you the return address and packaging instructions.

What is the payment procedure to send my product?

If the pick-up is being arranged from our end, then you need not pay anything. In other case you have to bear the cost. But we will reimburse up to Rs.200/- in terms of loyalty points.

How will I know whether my product has reached you or not?

After the order is being received from your place, you will be getting an email from our end within 24-48 hours. The details of the tracking will be mentioned for enabling you track the product from the website of the courier.

How long will it take to refund or replace the product?

The refund or replacement is being initiated within 2 working days from the receipt of the product by us. To refund the cash in your account the time taken can be up to two weeks.
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